Last Chance To Join The Wealthy Woman Live Event! 


2 Day LIVE event in London | 26th and 27th January 2024

Normalising wealth for women in a safe space for deep conversations to REAWAKEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY


more personal wealth and reawaken your relationship with money.

Picture this:

At the end of January 2024, a room filled with women (like you!) who are FEELING SAFE with money.

I know you are glancing in at 2024 and asking yourself:

  1. How am I going to make more money without the hustle?
  2. How do I keep more money so that I can pay myself more?
  3. How do I plan 2024 for more wealth, success and abundance?

but you are probably feeling like:



Where is Wealthy Woman Live?

Hosted at the New White Loft, underwood st in London

Let us support you to have your best financial year yet in 2024

You will feel fully supported around topics such as:

It’s time for you to prosper

Imagine waking up each morning not to an alarm clock, but to the sun’s gentle rays filtering through the curtains. You stretch lazily, feeling a kind of peace that only comes when your heart is full and your mind is at ease. Your days aren’t just jam-packed schedules or endless to-do lists but instead enveloping you in a feeling of wealth joy and abundance.

Your money is accumulating, growing and certain.

You feel completely and utterly safe with money.

Let’s create your roadmap to an enriched life, where joy, abundance, love, and laughter are your daily currency.

Doesn’t that sound like the kind of wealth you’re ready for?

You don’t need more financial INFORMATION. You need IMPLEMENTATION. You need a proven framework to uplevel your relationship with money to claim what is yours.

Knowing how to deserve, keep and grow wealth is where we create more self – empowerment, empowerment of others and resilience. 

Let me show you how to step into the next version of wealth. In your body, in your mind, into now. 

No more pushing your worthiness into the future

You are ready for more

You are ready to be a wealthy woman

the Framework i will teach you

Using my proven Step Into Wealth® method, we are going to heal 2 of the biggest money blocks

DESERVING TO HAVE MORE MONEY keeping you stuck in learning mode with little action or visibility

DESERVING TO KEEP MORE MONEY resulting in money in and money straight out again

So much fear comes up with money:

What if it all goes wrong?

What if I were successful?

What does money mean for you?

I want you to leave believing and knowing that you are ready for Wealth 

I want you to leave knowing how

I want you to feel fully supported by other courageous women who have your back

Women who are ready to drop the societal expectations and social conditioning.


  • Break the energy cycles of over-giving, over-spending and under-charging (without the sacrifice), 
  • Unapologetically experience how to receive more money
  • Break through your upper-income ceiling and keep hold of it (without money shame or having to be good with numbers)

I’m uncovering parts of myself that I never knew existed and this supportive community of women is giving me the confidence to grow and develop in ways that I never thought possible.

Rachael Hall - Financial Adviser

You’ll come with an idea of wanting to plan the next steps, what you’ll leave with is so much more than you expect, a vision of what’s really important and connections with people that really understand you. It’s changed my life again. I’m a totally different human and I’m making refusal changes for 2024.

Emma Wright - Chartered Financial Planner and Coach

Step into 2024 with a feeling of deservedness, unapologetic joy and emotional financial stability.


Throughout the day, you will learn and implement.

You will have Money Implementation Time to get feedback on your Wealth Map from Catherine, the team and the other wealthy women at the event.

day 1 (10am-5pm)


Using my proven Step Into Wealth® method, we are going to heal 2 of the biggest money blocks starting with RECEIVING and KEEPING money

We will explore your own Money Timeline and through a powerful Money Narrative Clearing® method, Catherine will help you release what might be holding you back from deserving more wealth.

You will drop into a Wealth activation to tune into what you really desire, allowing your body to tune into any limiting beliefs about a woman being able to trust herself to ask and receive.


We will play a Money Game! Understand how your emotional relationship with money drives how you feel to receive and get ready to unlock the next level of wealth consciousness in the room!

day 2 (9am-5pm)


From a place of empowerment, we will create your future self wealth blueprint. A road map to your next level of wealth. Create the structure for money to come in and stay in your life based on your unique Money StoryType®

Immerse yourself in listening to the Wealthy Women Panel – other women sharing stories of their personal and professional transformations to more wealth and joy (including their lessons and failures, let’s not sugarcoat this!)

Dream Big – Design and anchor in your rich wealthy woman’s life, a results-based, 90-day Wealth Map to implement after the 2 days. 

Hi I'm Catherine Morgan

Multi-award-winning Trauma informed Certified Financial Coach, Qualified Financial Adviser, Certified Practitioner in NLP,  Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Financial Abuse Specialist ®, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting Practioner and a Trauma of Money Method ® Facilitator. 
– A Millionaire by age 40.

– No #1 Amazon best seller of the book ‘It’s not about the money’ and host of the Global top 1% podcast ‘It’s not about the money.’ 

– On a mission to help women normalise wealth.
Exactly 10 years ago I was living on the little island of Jersey for the very first time.
And I was living in my overdraft. 
Every. Single. Month. 
Earning a high income but with no savings to show for it. 
I earnt, overspent, went into my overdraft, earnt, overspent, went into my overdraft. 
A repeated cycle of debt and shame.
I was an emotional over-spender, in thousands of pounds of crippling debt, and battling my own self-limiting beliefs daily.
All of this was only able to change once I knew the practical steps to manage my emotions around money. 
And you can do this too!

2 Day LIVE event in London | 26th and 27th January 2024


£200 For 2 Days

VIP TICKET (24 tickets left)

£350 For 2 Days

A bonus for our VIP ticket holders

Cash Flow Profit Maximiser Planner

Stop the feast to famine cycles!

Get your hands on the EXACT system and money forecast planner template that we use inside our multi-six-figure businesses.

Map out your income streams, forecast your months and maximise the profits you pay yourself.

Last year I had a lot of imposter syndrome about not having a profitable business and feeling less than the other women who were sharing their business success. This year I felt like I was moving into a CEO mindset and the tape measure exercise fired my desire to become the CEO of my own destiny and make my business better for my clients and bring me joy to run.

Ann Diment - EFT Practitioner

It’s a transformational experience that will benefit you no matter where you are on your journey. I love these opportunities to step away from my desk to be held nurtured and challenged!

Ali Knight - Intuitive Soul Coach + Mentor

Frequently asked questions

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There are a range of hotels from 3* to 5* around the centrally located venue. My team will send you a list of hotels with preferred rates once you have secured your ticket. 

On Day 1 we start at 10am with a finish time of 5pm

On Day 2 we start at 9am and finish at 5pm

If you have a VIP ticket, you get a full buffet lunch included on both days in a private room onsite with Catherine  

For general ticket holders, there are many culinary delights within walking distance. My incredible team has put together a comprehensive list that we will share with you prior to the event.

Due to the nature of this event and the upfront costs, tickets are not refundable but they are transferable, so if for any reason you are unable to attend,  you are welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else by emailing us with the new person’s name on

In general, most professional development courses can be written off in part or completely as a business expense. Even so, I strongly recommend that you share your receipt with your tax adviser or accountant.

100% yes please do! Please do bring your friends, work colleagues, sisters, mothers, daughters and nieces. Or come along solo and meet a new group of generally incredible women… just like you!

The new white loft in Old Street London

Understanding my money story generationally in order to change it so that my legacy has also changed forever has been the biggest emotionally felt impact and I’m seeing the outworking of this in decisions I’m making. Not quite sure that the words "thank you" come even close. Thank you, Catherine.

Claire McDowell - Divorce Coach

My business is growing, I feel proud! I don’t feel bad about myself anymore, especially in relation to money. I use the tapping tools when I drop back into old habits - what a fantastic tool!

Heather Fitton

Had a really productive hour working on how to grow my wealth! In the space of 10 weeks I’ve gone from feeling really uncomfortable talking about money to having ‘finance Fridays’ where I’m now taking control of my money.

Tash Tice

I have extra money coming in that I can partly use to pay down my credit cards. I now have spare money to put into pots and for the first time I have a financial security fund and don’t feel constantly worried.

Rebecca Bull



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